For more than 45 years, Saf-instant has shown its commitment to supporting bakers on a daily basis by doing their utmost to fulfil their expectations. Here are some common questions and our responses to them.

What is the difference between a baker's yeast and baking powder?

Baker’s yeast is of natural origin, made up of living elements and used in making breads, beer because of its fermenting power.
Baking powder on the other hand is made up of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate and corn starch and instead of fermentation it causes a chemical reaction. It is used for making cakes.

Why do we use yeast in bread making?

Yeast is an essential ingredient for bread production as it gives life to the dough. During fermentation, the yeast will consume the sugars present in the dough and will naturally produce carbon dioxide which gives volume to the bread, creates the honeycombed appearance of the crumb and develops the aromas of the dough. Fermentation is activated by heat and ends during the baking when the temperature reaches 50°c (122°f).

What impact does yeast have on the taste of bread?

The development of the aromas and flavours of the bread takes place throughout the baking process, especially during the fermentation and cooking stages and to a lesser extent during the mixing process.

Yeast enables specific aromatic notes to develop (more than 540 identified aromatic molecules) according to the baking conditions (ingredients and process). It therefore gives the bread its own aromatic characteristics. Yeasts also play an important role in the colour and texture of the bread’s crust.

Is Saf-instant yeast natural?

Yeast is a living organism, naturally present in the natural world. There are different species of yeasts in the wild and the strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been selected for bread-making. This species of yeast was taken from the wild and domesticated to make it accessible to all bakers.

Is yeast good for your health?

Yeasts are rich in nutrients and are likely to naturally increase the effects of functional foods. Because it contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids, yeast has many benefits. Thanks to these elements that are vital for the good functioning of the human body, yeast plays a nutritional role in our diet and our equilibrium. For example, yeast and its derivatives are used in food supplements to supplement our diet, provide for our well-being and contribute to improving our health.

What is instant dry yeast?

Instant dry yeast is a live and active baker’s yeast. Dehydration is a carefully-controlled and stress-free step for the yeast cell to keep it alive and maintain its high fermenting power. Instant dry yeast is very popular with bakers for its great ease of use and its long shelf life.

What are the special characteristics of Saf-instant’s instant dry yeast?

Saf-instant was the first instant dry yeast to be launched on the market in 1973. It was created to make life easier for bakers by offering them a long-lasting, high-quality yeast.

Instant dry yeast comes in the form of fine, vacuum-packed vermicelli and brings many advantages:

  • It is incorporated directly into the dough mixer, without being rehydrated.
  • Its dosage is 3 times lower than that of pressed yeast.
  • Its vacuum packaging promotes the stability of the fermenting power and eliminates any risk of external contamination.

Its small, dehydrated vermicelli combine performance and ease of use.

What are the benefits of Saf-instant Yeast and what makes Saf-instant yeast different from the rest?

  • Saf-instant yeast is very high-performance, guaranteeing superior fermenting power and optimum bread quality.
  • It has smart packaging which is more informative thanks to the QR Code which will enable you to find help, inspiration and advice.
  • The Saf-instant brand offers lots of ideas and tips to help you in your bakery business, with a selection of articles, recipes and advice available at saf-instant.com.vn

How is Saf-instant yeast used?

Saf-instant yeast is incorporated directly into the flour. Saf-instant yeast disperses easily and is incorporated quickly and homogeneously into the dough for optimal fermentation. It is not recommended to put the yeast in direct contact with ice or iced water.

Is Saf-instant yeast suitable for all types of breadmaking?

The result of a long process of innovation since its creation in 1973, Saf-instant yeast is constantly adapting to the new challenges facing the baker. Businesses recognise its great regularity and stable fermenting power adapted to all types of breadmaking for a large number of the breadmaking processes used throughout the world.

There are yeasts specific to types of bread:

  • Saf-instant Red yeast: specially developed for doughs with little or no sugar (from 0 to 10% sugar of the weight of flour).
  • Saf-instant Gold yeast: recommended for sweet doughs (from 5% sugar of the weight of flour)

A domestic range also offers consumers yeasts for more specific recipes: brioche, pizza…

Where can you find information about Saf-instant yeast?

All the information about Saf-instant yeast is available on the website: saf-instant.com.vn or by scanning the QR code available on the product packaging. You can also find all our recipe ideas and product information on the Saf-instant mobile app (available for Android and iOS).

What is the shelf life of the product?

The shelf life of the yeast is 2 years from the date of manufacture, unless specified otherwise.

How long can you keep Saf-instant yeast after opening?

After opening the bag, use it within 48 hours or store the closed package in the fridge and use within 8 days.

What is E491, used in the manufacture of yeast?

E491 is an emulsifier of exclusively plant origin (sorbitan monostearate), whose role is to protect yeast cells during the drying process.

Can Saf-instant yeast be Halal certified?

Saf-instant yeast is Halal certified.